March 20th, 2016

The Red Tree

"Bear down, they'll run you aground."

So, here is our first day of Spring, Providence. Currently, it's partly sunny (the glass half full) and 38˚F. There's snow on the way. The latest forecast calls for 3-6 inches. But the truth of it is I have, against the odds, survived another winter, and I can now hope for summer.

These days, it's rare for me to have the sort of nightmare that I wake gasping from. But there was one this morning, I woke about seven ayem, and I lay staring at the ceiling, half glad I was awake, half certain that it hadn't been a dream at all.

If I were braver, I'd shave the sides of my head this afternoon.

We had building inspectors in yesterday, which sort of wrecked the afternoon. But I learned that the house was built in 1876; I'd thought it was constructed in 1875. So, how many people have lived and died within the walls over the last 140 years?

The clouds have hidden the sun now. Buckle down.

Aunt Beast