March 15th, 2016

The Red Tree

"Every time I thought I'd got it made..."

An ugly day, to match yesterday's ugly day. Homely bookends. Drizzly and 47˚F, at the moment. But the trees are budding, and the narcissus are starting to open.

Yesterday was an odd and oddly wonderful day. We ferried eight more boxes to the John Hay Library at Brown University (including a copy of the Centipede Press edition of The Drowning Girl). We met Christopher, and Spooky pulled the van around to the loading dock. Two helpful students helped get everything in out of the drizzle and the cold. We talked for a while with Christopher about the legalities of the transfer, the paperwork we'll be taking care of in April to make all of this official. We talked about digitizing documents and about copyright and about archiving my online journal (Blogger + LiveJournal, 2001-ongoing). And then he took us back into the collections, and the rooms had that marvelous smell that all old libraries and museums have, that almost indescribable air of antiquity. In a workroom filled by a collection of 18th Century caricatures and H. Adrian Smith's (1908 - 1992) vast assemblage of magicana, sat the eleven boxes I'd already delivered to the library on May 12th and June 11th of last year, and including Pandora, my first Mac, and Arwen's keyboard (Arwen was my third Mac). It was an entirely humbling experience, seeing my things there. I felt at once relieved – that all of this paper was safe and I no longer had to care for it – and peculiarly bereft – that all of this material I've created and cared for, these things that are fundamentally of me, are going away to be cared for by other people. I took a few photos:

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Christopher says there will likely be a formal presentation of the collection made to coincide with the next Necronomicon, in 2017.

And I need to wrap this up. Later taters.

Aunt Beast