March 1st, 2016

The Red Tree

"To hell again and back."

George Kennedy is dead. He appeared in very many of my favorite films, but, for me, his role as Dragline in Cool Hand Luke, (dir. Stuart Rosenberg, 1967) will always be the quintessential George Kennedy performance.

Probably my best nights sleep in weeks last night. I may have gotten seven hours, and without Seroquel. I awoke to sun and a cooler day. Currently, it's 39˚F.

And March.

So, I've agreed to teach a "craft intensive" session at the upcoming 2016 Ocean State Summer Writing Conference at the University of Rhode Island in June. I'm going to speak on "Authenticity, Immersion, and Character in Fantasy and Science Fiction." It was left entirely up to me, what the subject of my session would be, and after a couple of hours discussion with Kathryn yesterday, that's what I arrived at.

Today, I have to write the text for the Patreon page. We're going to try to go live tomorrow. And tomorrow – or Thursday – I need to get to work on "Objects in the Mirror" for the Subterranean Press book of short stories based on Dave McKean paintings.

It's an understatement to say that I'll be anxious all day. But I do believe that Clinton will carry the day, in part because she'll win most or all of the Southern states. Still, until I see the results, I'll be anxious. As for the GOP primaries, to quote Jeff VanderMeer, "Today Republicans find out what's in the pod. Will it be a terrible thing, a terrible thing, or a terrible thing."

Last night we watched Charles Laughton's brilliant 1953 adaptation of Davis Grubb's novel Night of the Hunter (1955). Few films were such powerful formative influences on my fiction. Watching it again last night, I was struck by the irony that the last great example of German Expressionist film was shot in the San Fernando Valley. I also count it as one of the finest werewolf tales ever told.

Now, I should try to wake up.

Aunt Beast