January 28th, 2016

The Red Tree

Thirty Years

On this morning thirty years ago, I was getting dressed for a genetics lecture at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Our little black-and-white TV set was on, and we were watching the Challenger launch. I was watching when the O-ring seal in the right rocket solid rocket booster failed during lift off. It's hard to recall how I felt. I think, more than anything, I must have felt shock and horror. It was one of those moments – like the news of the murders of John Lennon and Anwar Sadat and the dissolution the Soviet Union, and the morning of 9/11 – one of those moments. When I got to class, the professor read a short announcement about the disaster, then went ahead with the scheduled lecture.

I was twenty-one.


Currently, it's 34˚F here in Providence and sunny. I am weathering this winter far better than I weathered the last three. We think that, in part, it's because the gabapentin was a) making my depression more severe and b) making it hard for my body to regulate temperature. It also helps, of course, that we're having a very mild winter. For Rhode Island, I mean. I only hope the good weather holds until April arrives, and we are safely out of the woods. So to speak.

Yesterday, I rewrote two paragraphs I'd written on Tuesday, but I didn't accomplish much else. Today, I have to do much better than that. I don't have time for lost days. I'd like to have Sirenia Digest #120 out by the first week of February, at the latest. I have a book to write. Which means I first have a proposal to put together, and sample chapters to write, and...so on.

I do not yet have a title.

The novel that will not be Interstate Love Song

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. We have some hard-to-find items listed.

“I'm not sure about themes except the basic loneliness of man. That's always there.” ~ Shelby Foote

Do not forget, Providence people, tomorrow evening at 6 p.m., I'll be reading at Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council at 65 Weybosset Street, in the Westminster Arcade (the oldest indoor mall in America, built in 1828).

And I think that's all I have for now.

Aunt Beast