October 26th, 2015

The Red Tree

Entry #4,444

That's a number you can get behind.

The wide, carnivorous sky is back (until the end of my days, I have to live with people thinking that's some sort of John Langan reference, and this is irony). Which means the sunlight is back. The latter is appreciated. The former can blow me. I've been cold all morning. A bath should warm me up. Currently, it's 53˚F here.

My tree is still mostly green.

Truthfully, I haven't much to say today. So, there's that, and then the depression, and those two things really don't make for bracing blog entries. Probably, they play better to the Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr "tl;dr" crowd.

"She was kinda delightful when she was young. Shrill and often obscenely histrionic, true, but there was something there. However, when she got old, well, that bitter 'get off my lawn' schtick got tired fast."

Absolutely. "I've been there. I know the way."

Aunt Beast