August 26th, 2015

The Red Tree

Howard Hughes dreams of Florida

Fuck, I need a vacation. I should be putting photos in this entry, but I'm not, and I think that I'll blame my need of a vacation for my not bothering to do it. There's some talk that we may take the bus down to Manhattan for a couple of nights. That might be mildly vacation like, if we do.

It was very hot in the house yesterday, and day before yesterday, but I wrote, regardless. yesterday, I managed 1,500 words and came, unexpectedly, to THE END of Agents of Dreamland, two days before I'd expected. This is a huge relief. It still has to be proofread, and line edits have to be made, but it's done. This means that Mythos Tales (I may actually drop Houses Under the Sea and make the subtitle the full title) is now a complete manuscript. I began the novella on July 12th. It ate most of the summer.

And it means I can take a very short respite, and then turn my full attention back to The Screenplay for The Red Tree.

Tomorrow, I'll be putting together Sirenia Digest #115, and it will feature a 5,400 word sneak preview of Agents of Dreamland.

On Monday night we watched the pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and I for one loved it. Fuck the naysayers (again). I always love Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis, so I've been looking forward to having them both in a new series, but Frank Dillane comes as a wonderful surprise. I was especially impressed with the pacing and by Atticus Ross' superb score, which built tension from a low throb and holding us seconds from climax for over an hour. And the bleak Los Angeles landscape – which needs no zombies to rate post-apocalyptic – loomed as effectively as ever it has loomed. Two thumbs up.

I'm taking today off. Mostly.

Aunt Beast