July 30th, 2015

The Red Tree

Entry #4,394

Very hot here in the house. When we woke, it was 84˚F inside. Right now, it's cloudy and 86˚F outside. We stuck it out yesterday, because I had to work. But today we're heading to John Hay for a few hours of air conditioning.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,198 words and finished "Dry Bones." It will appear in Sirenia Digest #114 (July '15), with a new Vince Locke illustration. The issue will be a few days late, in order for Vince to have time to do the piece.

August 3rd in the twentieth anniversary of Elizabeth's suicide. And I know it's going to hit me like a pile of bricks. And I know I can't run from it, and I know I can't hide from it. How is that even possible? Twenty years? I only knew her for five and a half years; I've mourned her for two decades.

Aunt Beast