May 9th, 2015

The Red Tree

"I am nothing without pretend." (Still)

Since it took an hour, almost, to find the camera, edit one photo, and upload it, this is going to be very, very short. The Actual Spring Weather continues, though I fear we're going back to Cold Spring next week. It happens. We'll be having spates of Cold Spring in July, just before Green Autumn sets in. But for now, the weather is really very wonderful.

My thanks to everyone who informed me that the mystery tree in that photo yesterday is Prunus serrulata, the Oriental Cherry, an ornamental from Asia. Which makes it a very pretty invasive.

Truthfully, almost everything that was good about yesterday can be summed up by this photograph, taken yesterday at Paper Nautilus Books in Wayland Square.

Photograph Copyright © 2015 by Caitlín R. Kiernan

The copy of The Bloody Chamber was in the $1 bin, and there was no way I could just leave it there; I got it as a gift (we have two copies, plus it's included in Burning Your Boats, so, really, three copies). Sure, I have all the Shirley Jackson there is, but that slipcased Library of America collection was on $10. And yeah, I have A Field Guide to Birds and The Old Man and the Sea, but on in paperback (plus the Hemingway is a 1954 printing). Also, not in this photo I picked up Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Floor of 1919. The real gem, though, is Beebe's The Arcturus Adventure : An Account of the New York Zoological Society's First Oceanographic Expedition (1926), which was a mere $10 (!!!). Anyway, we're still using the hundreds of dollars worth of credit we have there after the Great Book Purge of 2015, so no actual money was spent. Except on the Angela carter, because credit can't be used on books from the $1 bin. I actually had to go out and find enough quarters in the van in order to get it.

Last night was an old-fashioned Kindernacht, with pizza and two movies, Barry Sonnenfeld's The Addams Family (1991) and Tim Burton's Dark Shadows (2012).

Aunt Beast