October 3rd, 2014


"Hey kids, shake a leg. Maybe you're crazy in the head, baby."

The cold is back, as it's opened the door for the evil, insane, black shit that hides, always, behind my eyes. I don't know – I honestly do not fucking know – how I'm going to make it through another Rhode Island winter. No, actually, I don't know how I'm going to make it through another Rhode Island autumn.

I haven't left the house since Monday. It's rained for days, now.

There's been nothing of consequence, nothing worth mentioning except that my two contributor's copies of the Centipede Press edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir arrived on Tuesday. I can honestly say that no edition of any book I've ever written has ever been even half this beautiful. Thank you, everyone who made it happen. Please note that Subterranean Press has sold out of the edition, and it will likely sell out completely by the end of October. So, if you'd like a copy, you should order directly from Centipede Press very soon. I have two photos from the Opening of the Box:

Photographs Copyright © 2014 by Kathryn P. Pollnac

And, frankly, I have nothing else to say. It would only come out mean and shitty.

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