September 22nd, 2014


"And drowning is no sin."

The weather is not unpleasant today. It was considerably less unpleasant before I realized that this is the last day of Green Autumn (some other parts of the world might have Summer), that tomorrow is the equinox. I have no idea why my Wiccan acquaintances are calling today Mabon, by the way. Because tomorrow is the equinox. This is one reason why I made such a lousy Wiccan. I needed things to make sense.

I was up at the uncommonly early hour of 10:30 a.m.

I keep waiting for Peter Capaldi to click, and he keeps not clicking. Last night we watched "Time Heist," and it was a muddled, chaotic mess that finally came together in the last few minutes. Without Clara Oswald, the season would be, so far, an utter loss. Even Matt Smith clicked for me. I could believe him in the role. He just didn't click enough that I could see past the Ponds to enjoy him. Note that I said "Ponds." I was usually fine with Amy. Once Clara showed up, I loved the Matt Smith episodes. These episodes just drag on, with Peter Capadi looking lost and muttering all but incoherently in whatever that language is he speaks while Jenna Coleman looks, by turns, bored and frustrated. Oh, and Clara's grown the apparently necessary boyfriend, which is helping nothing whatsoever. If the writers can think of no other way to give a character depth but to stick them in a relationship outside their role as Companion, they might at least have given Clara a girlfriend. Or is that only allowed when we're talking about lizard women from the dawn of time? So, I say again, maybe next week.

Please note again: We're getting eBay back up and running. And every winning bidder gets a FREE Alabaster "Because Bird" pin. Also, the same deal applies to sales from Spooky's Etsy shop, while my limited supply lasts.

Yesterday I began a story that used neither of the titles I posted here yesterday, because it's an altogether different story. I hope it will be called "A Birth in the Wood of Self-Murderers." And hopefully I'll be able to finish this one, because I'm out of time.

Somehow, I squandered.


Aunt Beast