March 25th, 2014


Howard Hughes Lost in White

Two questions from yesterday's comments. cliffs_end asked, "Will the Tales of Pain and Wonder be the "Mercury"/"Salammbô Redux" version or the "Angels You Can See Through" version? Any plans for From Weird and Distant Shores to be reissued?"

The DIP edition will be essentially the same text as the 2008 Subterranean Press edition, which means it will be the version that includes "Mercury" and "Salammbô Redux," not the original version with "Angels You Can See Through." As for From Weird and Distant Shores, as I said yesterday on Facebook, I have retired that collection, and I doubt I will ever allow anyone to reprint it.


The snow is still in the forecast. Part of me is actually very angry that I had to end the "stale Hell" photo series. It had something to say. Anyway, yes, we have a forecast for 3"-6" of snow tonight and tomorrow. We're only catching the western outskirts of the blizzard, which will mostly stay decently out at sea, as if aware how very out of place it is in the month of March. Currently, it's 32˚F in Providence, though the windchill is 30˚F.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,590 words on Chapter Six of Cherry Bomb.

I wish it were a warm day and that Kathryn and I were on our way to a matinée of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

A bit of rp in The Secret World last night. After so many years – seven – of online rp, it's beginning to feel odd. I don't know that I can explain the sensation any better than that. Just...odd. It's as if some part of me is outgrowing it. Frankly, if that is the case, I'll be glad, and I'll only wish I'd outgrown it years ago.

I will never be able to comprehend how so many people can so casually delete their online journals. To me, this is unthinkable. It's a sort of suicide. And I distrust purges.

Night before last we watched Sydney Pollack's This Property is Condemned (1966), a movie I've long adored, despite Natalie Wood's atrocious attempt at a Mississippi accent. Last night, we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead, which I was rather grateful wasn't even a third as grim as last week's. I read a paper from 2006, "Review of plesiosaurians (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from the Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Alberta, Canada."

Enough for now.

Aunt Beast