March 24th, 2014

Roy Batty

"Endless suburbs stretched out thin and dead."

A cold morning at the end of March. Currently, here in Providence it's 25˚F, and the 3"-6" of snow is still in the forecast. At least the actual blizzard is veering out to sea, or so it seems.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,582 words on Chapter Six of Cherry Bomb.


As promised on Friday, here's the complete "final" Table of Contents for Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea: The Best of Caitlín R. Kiernan (Volume Two):

Part One (Atlanta, 2004-2008)

Author’s Introduction
“Bradbury Weather”
“Untitled 17”
“Highway 97"
“A Child’s Guide to the Hollow Hills”
“The Ammonite Violin (Murder Ballad No. 4)”
“A Season of Broken Dolls”
“In View of Nothing”
“The Ape’s Wife”
“The Steam Dancer (1896)”
“In the Dreamtime of Lady Resurrection.”
“Pickman’s Other Model”

Part Two (Providence, 2008-2013)

“The Melusine (1898)”
“As Red As Red”
“Fish Bride”
“The Mermaid of the Concrete Ocean”
“The Sea Troll’s Daughter”
“The Maltese Unicorn”
“Tidal Forces”
“And the Cloud That Took the Form”
“The Prayer of Ninety Cats”
"Slouching Towards the House of Glass Coffins”
“Daughter Dear Desmodus”
“One Tree Hill (The World As Cataclysm)”
Black Helicopters
“Elegy for a Suicide”
“The Peddler’s Tale, or Isobel’s Revenge”

A few days after I'd finally settled on the ToC, it occurred to me that 21 of these 30 stories (70%) first appeared in Sirenia Digest. Which ought to tell you how important the digest's continued existence is to my freedom to write short fiction and what admirers of my short stories who don't subscribe are missing.

And, also as promised, an announcement. PS Publishing (Drugstore Indian Press, UK) will be releasing trade paperback editions of four of my short-story collections: Tales of Pain and Wonder; To Charles Fort, With Love; A is for Alien; and The Ammonite Violin & Others. This will be the fourth (!) edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder, by the way.

When I have release dates on these books, I'll post them.

Aunt Beast

“And jealous now of me, you gods, because I befriend a man, one I saved as he straddled the keel alone, when Zeus had blasted and shattered his swift ship with a bright lightning bolt, out on the wine-dark sea.” — Homer, The Odyssey