March 15th, 2014

Roy Batty

"A silver vision come molest my soul."

Sirenia Digest #97 just went out to subscribers; it includes a new story, "Chewing on Shadows" – with an illustration by Vince Locke – and the prologue to The Five of Cups.

And here's yesterday's stale Hell, which looks deceptively warm and inviting:

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The snowy scabs are hardly visible. Today, the temperature is warmish again, but very windy, currently 50˚F, but it feels like 43˚F. Tomorrow, more cold, so we'll likely leave the House today, just go anywhere at all.

Yesterday was spent putting the digest together, editing and and layout. Assembly Day, as I once a called it, when the digest was still a young undertaking.I spoke with Jared at Centipede Press about deckled edges. The secret to the loss of civilization lies in such mean things, such as deckled edges. I read all the way through "Chewing on Shadows" one last time before the issue went out, sniffing out errors and bits that needed tweaking. Mostly, I think this story is a love letter to Joseph Conrad. I read McCullers, the Morgan biography of Burroughs (which may have grown tiresomely long), and two paleontological papers: "Oligocene pancheloniid sea turtles from the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A." and "Unique feeding morphology in a new prognathous extinct porpoise from the Pliocene of California." We almost watched Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem, but the DVD's menu screen was so annoying we popped it right back out again. Instead we began Season Three of Treme, which I adore. For Pi Day, we had both pizza and blueberry pie.

Oh, and the mail brought be – very early, I might add – a comp copy of the Alabaster: Grimmer Tales hardback.

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My appearance grows more grotesque by the hour. But I did force a grimace.

And that was yesterday.

I Dream,
Aunt Beast