December 6th, 2013


"Alone in the darkness, darkness of light."

Rainy today, but still warmish.

Yesterday, I finished the second fourth chapter of Cherry Bomb. I wish there were anything at all interesting to say about writing the 1,332 words I wrote yesterday.

Indeed, I'm fairly certain that, other than marking the completion of a chapter of a novel I'm very grateful to be more than half done with, there's no particular need for an entry today.

Sixes and Sevens,
Aunt Beast
Blood Oranges

News Flash

I am considering dividing the story I thought could be contained by a single novel, Cherry Bomb over two novels. I'm two thirds through the latter, and it's becoming obvious it's a much bigger story. If I do this, if my publisher is agreeable, it would add a fourth Siobhan Quinn novel, Ruby Red. It would have to be written after Dinosaurs of Mars, The Good, The Bad, and the Bird (the next Dancy series), and at least the first half of Beneath the Wide Carnivorous Sky.

I have a phone conference with my editor at Penguin on Monday to discuss this, and I should be able to tell you more Monday evening or Tuesday.

Aunt Beast