November 25th, 2013



What a fine day it will be when bacon is no longer the new black. And when cupcakes are no longer the new pink.


I'm not going to say what yesterday was spent doing, until after today is spent doing it again.


There were really only two work-type things yesterday. My editor and I have chosen the artist for the third Alabaster miniseries. I'll announce his name when I'm told I may. Which will likely be very soon. And I also scribbled notes of The Dinosaurs of Mars until I realized that it will be divided into three narrative threads: "Nevada (2017)," "Under Mars (2025)," and "Mad Mountains (2033)." Though "Nevada" may be titled "Dreamland." The novella will be written somewhat after the fashion of Black Helicopters, as regards chronology/linearity.

It is bitterly fucking cold here. Currently, it's 29˚F, feels like 22˚F, In Miami, it's 76˚F. And I'd wish I lived in Miami, were it not for all the Floridians who've given the place such a bad rap.

More Doctor Who last night. We've caught through the Series 7.2 episode "Cold War." I feel as if, just before Matt Smith's exit, the character of Clara Oswin Oswald has arrived to show up the joy that the eleventh doctor could have been, had the show not gotten so mired in the soap-opera doldrum that was the Ponds. Suddenly, there's life. Suddenly, I'm smiling. Suddenly, there's this amazing chemistry between the Doctor and a companion, and there's screwball comedy pingpong dialogue, and the humor is funny, and the companion's a fucking spitfire. Suddenly, Matt Smith's Doctor has definition. And...yeah. Also, truthfully, "The Rings of Akhaten" has got to number among my top ten favorite episodes of Doctor Who. I'm pretty sure it's the best episode since "Blink."

Yeah, this is where I include several gratuitous images, just because they're beautiful, and because they so perfectly sum up what Doctor Who is about.

The climax of "The Rings of Akhaten" is gold. It's one of the Doctor's finest hours.

And have I mentioned my adoration for Soufflé Girl?

Anyway, please remember I haven't seen anything beyond "Cold War." Do not drop spoilers. People have been doing that, and it's rude.

I have to go do something I'd rather not do.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast