November 13th, 2013


Star Witness

Cold and sunny today. We had a windchill of 9˚F last night. But the house is much warmer since Spooky finally managed to close a couple of storm windows that were stuck open the past five winters.

Jesus fuck, I'm getting old.

Yesterday, I wrote a mere 798 words on the third chapter of Cherry Bomb. But I'm excused, because it was a bizarre day. Anyway, I'm now only approximately 41,494 words from THE END.

I can now announce that Amber Benson will be narrating Blood Oranges, Pink Delicious, and Cherry Bomb for the audiobooks, which, I am told, will also be released on CD by Brilliance. Very cool, yes.

Anyway, I gotta wrap this up. I have a meeting with Dark Horse in half an hour. But first, I was there (though I don't know which day):

Later taters,
Aunt Beast