November 4th, 2013


Floating to the Top Again

I suppose it can be inferred by the lack of entries on the 2nd and 3rd that I got worse. Sicker, I mean. Well, I did. Today, I only feel a bit wrung out. A vast improvement.

So, no writing since Wednesday. I suppose that was my vacation for the foreseeable future. There was far too much of October lost to this, that, and the other. At the very, very, very least I have to get four chapters of Cherry Bomb written in the next twenty-six days. That's a bit less than a week a chapter. It's doable. If I stop fucking around and don't get sick again. No more trips. No more days off (unless I do something insanely unlikely, like write 3,000 words one day).

Kind of sorry to see October go, frankly. It had some nice moments. New York. That weekend at Spooky's parents. Last Thursday night. Probably a few others. Yesterday, the high in Providence was something like 44˚F. Winter's coming on. Soon, October will seem to have been warm. I suppose it was.

Hey there, there's such deadly wolves 'round town tonight.
Round the town tonight.
~ Neko Case

If you've not yet ordered The Ape's Wife and Other Stories (due out later this month*), please do. Thank you.

Not much to be said for my sick days. I lay on my back. I produced mucus. I was annoying. I watched movies and television shows on the iPad: documentaries streamed from PBS and movies from Amazon Prime and Netflix. Whee.

Here are belatedly posted photos of our jack-o'-lanterns this year, carved on Thursday:

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Okay, Kiernan. Here's the damn horse. Back in the saddle with you.

The Most Tender Place in My Heart is for Strangers,
Aunt Beast

* The book is now at the printer.