July 25th, 2013


"Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied?"

Right now, I'm just about glum enough that not even my plan to sell Dunkin' Donuts® on the Boston Cream Clam Cake® is a bright spot. That's one of the weird spots about these periods when the crazy gets better. There are mornings I wake up, and I just feel bad, and I have to remember, hey, lots of mornings sane fucking people fucking feel bad. That's all it is. The dreams didn't help. The weather isn't helping – 64˚F and overcast. yeah, 64˚F at midday in July. Thank you, Rhode Island. 74% humidity. Oh, but look! The low tonight is forecast for 63˚F!

As for yesterday, a stupid, stupid, stupid crappy day. An evil day. This is yesterday's afterbirth.

I did not write yesterday. I struggled to figure out how one finds the end of a circle. This is the problem that "Ballad of an Echo Whisperer" poses. It's a circle. Or a Möbius strip. It even demonstrates how a train track can function as a Möbius strip. So, it's a haunting, but since the haunting has no perceptible beginning and no conceivable ending, I'm stuck. This isn't to say that I've done anything wrong by the story. Sometimes – many times – language is simply a poor tool.

The Ape's Wife and Other Stories is out of my hair. I just have to finish this story. And write a vignette for Sirenia Digest #90. If I could just finish "Ballad of an Echo Whisperer" today. Or at least by tomorrow.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Especially the copy of Ghosts: Recent Hauntings, which includes the previously ultra-hard-to-find "Apokatastasis," and the Salammbô T-shirt (art by Richard A. Kirk). We had these old-school silk-screened in 2000, when the first edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder was released, and most were sold at DragonCon over the next couple of years. Now, I think maybe four remain. So, super fucking rare.

We finished Season Four of Breaking Bad last night. Those last two episodes are pure fucking brilliance.

Comments not unwelcome,
Aunt Beast