July 7th, 2013


"If you miss the train I'm on, then you'll know that I have gone."

Probably in the low nineties here in my office, given that the thermostat out there says 84˚F. And out there, Dr. Muñoz is doing his coolerator best to carve a swath through the simmer. Yeah, it's hot. Muggy. The last few days, it's been quite a bit warmer here than in Birmingham and New Orleans. It isn't comfortable. But, that said, I'll still take this over the lingering misery of Cold Spring.

It was almost three a.m. when we went too bed, and it was still 83˚F inside. I lay awake until the sun was up. Today's high is forecast for 91˚F (heat index 97˚F).

Yesterday, I wrote 1,021 words on the New Short Story. I don't yet have a title that I'm sure is the title.

I think I might have slept six hours.

Aunt Beast