May 7th, 2013


"I descended a dusty canyon ridge..."

I just heard the news that Ray Harryhausen has died. He was 92. 1920-2013. I will always be grateful to Harlan Ellison for introducing me to Harryhausen one night long ago (the same night he introduced me to Ray Bradbury). One of the very first films I ever saw was the remake of One Million Years B.C., filled with Harryhausen's marvelous anachronistic saurians. In that age before CGI virtual worlds, Harryhausen made magic, by imperceptible, stop-motion degrees, here in this world.

Yesterday, I finished Chapter 10 of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales. I wrote 1,751 words. The last page is the best comics page I've ever written. Yeah, I do say so myself.

So, it's a day off. I left the house for the first time since April 30th. We went to breakfast at the Classic Diner on Westminster. Well, it was noon, but they served us breakfast, so. In my absence, the world turned green. Anyway...later taters.

Of Dinosaurs and Sinbad,
Aunt Beast

Postscript (5:15 p.m.): I hope to send Sirenia Digest #88 out to subscribers on Friday. It will include the next chapter of Fay Grimmer, along with a new vignette.