March 21st, 2013


"Hole in the black soul in the storm."

I refuse to fucking believe it's fucking spring. Here in Providence, somewhere in the 30s˚F and snow flurries. When a nightly low of 32˚F is "warm," it's not spring.

A grand symphony of nightmares last night. Why I bother sleeping is beyond me.

On Tuesday, I took a break from Red Delicious to write a new vignette, "Sea-Drift," which came out well. This morning, I saw Vincent Chong's final cover for The Ape's Wife and Others, and it truly is beautiful. I'll post if here soon (though it may show up on the Subterranean site first). Tomorrow, I go back to work on the novel.

The eBay auctions proceed apace.

In the comments to my post on The Secret World, stsisyphus writes: Quick notes which possibly need to be added: The game is technically "Buy-to-Play" (which is the situation where you buy the game, now can play without ongoing fees required), rather than Free-to-Play (download for free, install, play). Also, while the main action would be on Arcadia it isn't very difficult to jump "dimensions" (servers) if you get a group invite or go through your friends lists. So being native to Arcadia server isn't necessary.

Yes. Though, personally, I see the distinction between "free-to-play" and "buy-to-play" as pretty insignificant. But that's because I don't consider the initial outplay for the game as that great an expense. Mileage will obviously vary.

And now...well...whatever happens next.

Spin the Wheel,
Aunt Beast