March 19th, 2013


"...still believing that junk is true. Well I know it ain't, so do you."

Yesterday, I wrote 1,135 words on Red Delicious and finished Chapter Five. Two or three chapters to go. I'll be pausing now to do Sirenia Digest #87. But the novel should be finished by the end of the first week in April.

Last night, it snowed again. Here in the latter part of the middle portion of the month of March. Not sure how much we got. A few inches. Rain came this morning and began washing it away. I am unspeakably sick of this winter.

Yesterday, the contracts arrived for a Turkish edition of The Drowning Girl: A Memoir. Which is pretty cool. I'll be coming back to this in another entry. I also received the three inked page for the inks for Chapter Seven of Alabaster: Boxcar Tales, along a with a huge box of contributor's copies of Alabaster: Wolves.

My thanks to everyone for the comments yesterday. Also, argonel wrote: Also was the gold perhaps vacuum deposited rather than electroplated? That would be the most common method of preparing non-conductive samples for SEM work.

Yep! I knew I had that wrong.

Some stellar RP going on with stsisyphus.

And now...I have paragraphs to be...

I Can't Believe,
Aunt Beast

The Secret World 1 couple of days back I mentioned how there would be BIG GAMING NEWS. Well, no, it's not a Dancy video game.

I'm organizing a role-play cabal in The Secret World (where guilds are, with good reason, called cabals). Which means I need to find a few players. Actually, I'm putting together a triad of cabals, since there are three factions in the game, and I don't want to limit people's choices. But, the three factions – though ideologically opposed – will have a sort of uncomfortable alliance (at least outwardly) in the RP. Now...this is an invitation to all of my readers to join in. Here are some good reasons to accept:

1) The Secret World isn't the sort of thing you expect from an MMO. It's SMART. The setting is contemporary, where three secret occult societies, that have long existed as rivals, are faced with the emergence of an alien presence that threatens the world. It's dark. It's adult. In fact, well, if you choose the Dragon faction, there's a very adult cut-scene at the start (won't spoil it; you'll see). And it's VERY Lovecraftian. There are so many pop culture references your head will spin. Imagine, hmmm. "The Call of Cuthulhu" meets The Invisibles meets Night of the Living Dead meets Nightbreed meets The Matrix meets The X-Files. It's sort of like that. You get horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy. Spy vs. Spy. Conspiracy! There's even one tiny, sly reference to my work. You play in Manhattan, Seoul, London, New England, Cairo, and Romania.

2) The Secret World is free-to-play. Which means, you buy the game, and then you don't have to pay anything afterwards. There are items, boosts, events, etc. that you can purchase, if you so desire, but they're in no way necessary to play the basic game, and, besides, there's not even much need to play a lot of the game if you're primarily there for RP. Right now, you can get the game from Amazon truly cheap. Downloading directly to your PC costs 29.99, and a hard copy, shipped to you, that costs $26.99 (the retail price for the game is $49.99). You can spend that much on a movie and a burger, whereas this is endless hours of entertainment.

3) The game isn't burdened down with all the confused and contradictory lore you find in, say, World of Warcraft. In part, the contemporary setting helps with that. You get the basics of what each of the three factions – Templar, Illuminati, and Dragon – are all about in the orientation. Then there's more online and in game, so you can immerse yourself as deeply as you wish. And, also, I play fairly fast and loose in my interpretation of the "canon."

4) Unlike many MMO's, this game is very RP oriented. That is, it actually is an MMORPG. No PVE or PVP servers. There all the same. Generally, players are polite and helpful. There are, of course, exceptions.

5) You get to tell a story with me! And it will be a story that goes on so long as the cabals exist.

So, that's my spiel. Go the the website. Look it over. It'll tell you much more about the game than I have. But I do hope you'll take me up on this. There's no application for the cabals, and the only requirement is that you spend at least part of your time in game RPing and be courteous to other players (in our cabals and other players in general).

The Dragon cabal is called the Squamous Hell Muppets. Our Illuminati cabal is Eldritch Hellcats. And...our Templar cabal doesn't yet have a name. Maybe we'll have a contest. Anyway, if you're interested, please say so here, or on Facebook, or on Twitter, or email me at greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com. If you're not interested, no need explain why. The cabals will eventually have a website with forums, but don't yet. We are on the Arcadia server.

Hope you take the red pill.

I'm Serious,
Aunt Beast

PS: No, you can't play an elf.