March 18th, 2013


"And the piano's this melancholy soundtrack to her smile."

Nothing in this entry will be half as entry as last night's entry.

This is the sort of thing I like to see printed on the tag of a T-shirt I'm going to be wearing: "This T-shirt was sewn by 9 people in a sweatshop-free environment in downtown L.A. where they are paid fair wages and have access to healthcare and benefits." Thank you, American Apparel.

Yesterday, I It was an impromptu day off. I took a very long hot bath and washed my hair, and I ate corned beef sandwiches on rye, was that sort of a day. Today, back to the slog. Oh, and I just saw Vincent Chong's cover for The Ape's Wife and Others, It's gorgeous. I'll post it as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, please have a look at the current eBay auctions!

It occurs to me – has, of late, been occurring to me – that though I do not consider myself a contentious person, and, if fact I often shy from arguments, I keep pissing people off. All my life, really. But what I was thinking about, of late, is the number of readers who've – fairly recently stopped following this blog because I haven't kept quite on various issues. For example, awdreygore quit reading because I hate ebooks, which seemed sort of bizarre (though, nothing said in that LJ since March 2010, so...), and strange_selkie stopped following because I agree with most developmental psychologists that "attachment parenting" is a very, very bad idea (no entry there since November 2012, so...). I could go on and on. Hell, I lost count of the people who left over my disdain for the concept of "trigger warnings" and newspeak. I suppose this should concern me, every reader I lose, in these latter days of LJ. And it does. But, wouldn't it be much, much worse if I held my tongue on these matters? It would. I know it would.

Today, Brad Dourif turns 63, and Luc Besson turns 54.

Also, this evening, BIG GAMING NEWS that I hope will interest at least a few of you.

Anyway, today it's back to Red Delicious...

Press Rewind,
Aunt Beast