March 11th, 2013


"...but in a language that you can't read just yet."

Yesterday, I wrote 1,324 words on Red Delicious. The ms. is nearing the two-hundred page mark, and the novel is more than half written. Bizarrely (to me, at least), Penguin should be showing me the early mock-ups for the cover any day. I'm pleased with the way the book is coming along. The reset-button day worked this time. Thank you, Point Judith and Iggy's.

I'm also working on the cover for The Ape's Wife and Other Stories with Vincent Chong (well, I'm just talking a lot, and showing him pictures, and he's doing all the hard stuff), and Team Dancy 2.0 is deep into Alabaster: Boxcar Tales (Chapter Five will be in Dark Horse Presents 22 later this month!). Yesterday, I proofed artwork for Chapter Seven. Next month, after I've finished Red Delicious, I'm going to try to sit down and write the final five issues (there's a total of thirteen in Alabaster: Boxcar Tales). Okay, too early in the day for all those goddamn numbers. But I have to get all this work done before the year's mad travel marathon begins in May.

Annnnnnnd...I have to make a trip to the bank (I hate the fucking bank) before I can start writing today, so...READ YESTERDAY'S ENTRY, which has photographs and gaming snark, and is much more entertaining than this entry. Comments to yesterday's entry still welcome.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Sorry I'm so far away. And, also, Happy Birthday, Douglas Adams. I'm sorry I never got to meet you. You were a righteous dude.

Last night, we started Season Three of Archer. H. Jon Benjamin is the shit.

Fuck, I hate going to the bank.

Ta Ta,
Aunt Beast