February 12th, 2013


"When I go forwards you go backwards, and somewhere we will meet."

John C. Wright is almost too ridiculous to make fun of anymore, much less arouse in me any genuine anger. He's become this grotesque self-parody of a grotesque self-parody. Anyway...

Yesterday, I wrote 1,588 words on Chapter Two of Red Delicious ("The Girl"). Late in the day, the meeting with Dark Horse went very well, and perhaps there will be news I can pass along soonish.

It rained most of the day, and quite a lot of the snow melted. Winter becomes ugly again. Snow cat has become a puddle of her/his former self. But at least Spooky can get out of the driveway now. We've pretty much decimated our cache of blizzard rations, and the rain probably saved us from scurvy.

My thanks to all the Sirenia Digest subscribers who have taken part in last night's poll. And if you're a subscriber and haven't yet done so, please do. If you're not a subscriber, please don't do so. Thanks.

Nice to see Blood Oranges up to 4.5 stars on Amazon. Also, from the department of "I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but it must be sort of cool," much of Paul Goat Allen's B&N.com article "Paranormal Fantasy’s Top Ten Butt-Kicking Heroines" is devoted to Siobhan Quinn. I won't get into the redundant absurdity of a phrase like "paranormal fantasy," but I do confess being a little squicked out at finding myself lumped into the hold-a-weapon-while-glowering-alluringly-over-your-shoulder tramp-stamp crowd. Still, there's high (and articulate) praise here for the novel, and I don't want to seem too ungrateful. I'm going to quote this in full, behind the cut, because it may someday go away over at B&N (and apologies to Mr. Allen for doing so):

Collapse )

Yes, Quinn actually does refer to Stephenie Meyer as "that silly Mormon twit."

Okay, time to write. Oh, and we're now into the very last hour of the Very Special Alabaster Auction*, so please have a look if you are so inclined. Remember. Calico bunny cozy! Plus, there are other current auctions.

I Say Shit,
Aunt Beast

Sold for $201.02. Very good.