November 28th, 2012

house of leaves

"Ba da pa pa, Ba da pa pa..."

Cold and a lighter shade of oyster this early afternoon in Providence. The sun is trying. Rain and snow and sleet last night. Vile. Nothing stuck. I huddle in my office, and Out There the temperature is only 40˚F.

It's a "good" day, as regards the pain. A 2.5, at worst. I'll take that, anytime.


The Blood Oranges ARC auction ends in about two hours. I do hope to see the winning bid go just a bit higher. But thanks to those who have, and might, bid. You guys help more than you might think. There's been a noticeable dip in our eBay success the last few months, and I assume this is the result of the shittiness of the economy in general, that and the slow decline of LiveJournal. Still, it remains an important source of income for us, and maybe soon become more important.

And since I'm on the subject of the importance of money, and how even artists can't live off air, docbrite is struggling with an especially rough patch just now. That's an understatement. Long have I loved him, since first we met in 1993. Billy's one of those without whose help you'd not be reading my books and short stories. No fucking exaggeration. You can help, if, of course, you're in such a position. I know lots of folks aren't. Anyway, Billy is also on eBay, and has been offering some wonderful paintings. If you'd like to help out directly, with donations, whatever, please email him at funkyegret(at)yahoo(dot)com. It sickens me to my core that people who have created marvelous things for the masses find themselves in such dire straights, but always, throughout history, has this been the fucking case.

Books, paintings, etc. are bought with "disposable" income, and when things get tight, creators are among the first ones to feel the sting. Even when people can still afford $5 lattés, $399 iPhones, and other such fripperies.


Yesterday, I wrote 1,432 words on Chapter 7 of Fay Grimmer. If today goes well, as I intend for it to, I may actually finish tomorrow afternoon, a day ahead of the latest schedule. And this will be DONE, THE END, and I can move on. Your words of encouragement – especially during all my recent gloom and godammn unsightly whining – have not gone unappreciated.

Last night, we began watching Boardwalk Empire (the first three episodes), and wow. Story and acting aside, this is the most beautiful television show, on a simply visual level, since the premature demise of Deadwood in 2006. We also watched the last two episodes of Season One of The Wire, and yeah, amazing. True, this is too much television, I admit. But I'm trying to wean myself off far too much time spent on MMORPGs. By the end of December, I mean to be playing nothing but The Secret World. There's even rumors of a forthcoming social life again.

I hope to have news of upcoming releases/projects soon. Watch this space!

Aunt Beast