September 29th, 2012


Quick & Dirty

Yesterday, I rewrote (*shudder*) the entire opening scene for Chapter Three of Fay Grimmer, completely, from scratch. And it came to 1,964 words. Today, however, I have to begin trying to "edit" (retrofit, revise, whatever) the rest of the chapter – the original text of the chapter – attempting to save it, so I won't have to toss out ~8,000 existing words. Assuming the rest of Chapter Three can be saved, I've reached roughly the halfway mark in this stupid book.

Six Months

Today, six months ago, Sméagol died. I didn't even realize this was the anniversary until Spooky reminded me during dinner, which made me feel shitty. I should have remembered. I should have.

I've grown hard, and so rarely love.

But now we have Selwyn.

I don't buy any of that "Rainbow Bridge" crap. But. Nothing is ever truly over.

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