September 16th, 2012


"A garden left for ruin, by and by, as I hide inside of my private prison."

A sunny day here in Providence, a wide carnivorous sky*, and a predicted high of only 70˚F. Welcome back, Autumn. You motherfucker. Now, bugger off and die. And you know all those leaves you've come to murder? Well, when you're done, be sure to take their colorful corpses with you.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,643 words on Chapter Four ("Plan A") of Fay Grimmer. Which means I started the Mordorian Death March towards The End one day ahead of schedule. In theory, I have only 29 days of it remaining. Presently, I like theory. Though, if I could only manage to write 2,000 words a day until I find The End, I could shorten the March to 23.5 days. That would buy back almost an entire week of my life.

The more I consider the cataclysm of this past year, the more I think it's time to start drinking and smoking again. So what if my meds don't play well with the alkiehol? I don't play well with my meds, so fuck it. Then, when all is said and done – great song by ABBA, by the way (if you can stand ABBA), debuted on the Billboard pop singles chart on 9 January 1982 and peaked at #27. If only Fay Grimmer would do one-tenth that well! Then again, I don't have Anni-Frid Lyngstad, pop star become Her Serene Highness, on my side. Where was I? When all is said and done...uhm. Whatever.

Neither you nor nor I is left to blame,
When all is said and done.


There's no hurry anymore,
When all is said and done.

If you haven't yet, please have a look at the current "pay the taxes" eBay extravaganza. We have a new wallflower: The Little Damned Book of Days (2005), which came with the limited edition of the World Fantasy nominated To Charles Fort, With Love. It's one of the chapbooks for which I did my own cover. And it's lonely. And needs a home.

In closing, the International Society for the Conservation of Douchebags has announced that it will be adopting Mitt Romney as their mascot.

Livers & Lungs Are For Cowards,
Aunt Beast

* A shiny new penny to the first person who can find the earliest use of this phrase in my LJ (or Blogger journal). There must be a much earlier one.