September 12th, 2012


"Business men, they drink my blood."

I need a beginning, and, so this is it, going back to the "trigger warning" nonsense, a very astute paragraph from a recent post by mevennen:

But what I'm not into is the usual bullshit to which the Left seems so prone: the endless policing of the minutiae of language; the assumption that language, not behaviour, provides the underpinning to societal structure; the assumption that anyone who disagrees with you needs 'education'; the prioritisation of certain kinds of experience over other kinds, and the tendency to turn on the people who are ideologically closest to you with a savagery that would make the average Republican troll pale in comparison. All of this did come up during my time at BWC [Brighton Women's Centre, a shelter for battered women], and usually, it was stamped on by someone who had limited time, limited resources, and who just wanted to achieve a particular result (e.g. getting an abused woman out of the house and into a shelter). I'm seeing the same difference here on the net, between those who are just interested in ego-driven grandstanding, and those who actually want to sort things out and make them better, without demonising people or ideological point-scoring. What limited support I can give is going to the latter camp.

Or, as I'd say, deeds not words. Shut up and do something that makes an actual difference. #requires[medication]hate, I'm looking at you (and your Outrage Brigade cronies and compatriots). But Liz said it better.


Today, right now, you can scoot over to Dark Horse Digital, you can score the digital versions of Alabaster: Wolves, the entire series bundled (!!!) for only $8 (!!!). That works out to only $1.60 an issue. And the comic actually looks very good on the iPad (and other pads).

Also, Round Two of the "pay the taxes" eBay extravaganza begins later today. My thanks to everyone who bid in Round One. But, yeah. Goodies coming today. Please check back, kittens.


Yesterday was sort of a day off (email aside), since I finished "Our Lady of Tharsis Tholus" on Monday evening. That was 1,639 words on Monday, for a total of 9,645 words. Rarely do stories run this long in Sirenia Digest. Also, this issue will include the original text of "Alabaster" (the original 2005 short story) along with the script for Issue #3 of the aforementioned comic, which adapted (but reworked much of) the story. There might even be a few uncolored, rough pages of Steve Lieber's art for the issue included. That makes this an issue you do not want to miss, kittens. And speaking of the comic, today I saw the first panel that's been drawn for the Dark Horse Presents continuation, Alabaster: Boxcar Tales. It was nifty.


Now, here's an amazing goddamn thing: "Explosive Impact at Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers" – A fireball was recorded entering the gas giant's atmosphere at 1335 GMT on September 10, reminiscent of the scarring impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 there in 1994.

And no one saw it coming. Remember the Immaculate Order of the Falling Sky?


If I was scared...I would.
And if I was know I would.
And if I was yours... but I'm not.
~ Arcade Fire, "Ready to Start"


This morning, M. l'insomnie swept in with a motherfucking vengeance. I was in bed by 2:30 ayem, but there was no sleep until after dawn, sometime beyond 6 ayem. I finally got up and spent maybe half an hour running my GW2 human girl, a street urchin become warrior, named Selwyn Gévaudan, through the city of Divinity's Reach. And oh my dogs, it's beautiful. I cannot begin to communicate the scale of the place and the astounding attention to detail and the beauty of the design. It's so wonderful I kind of felt like an utter shit for my entry last night on the grievous cons of GW2 (even though everything I said therein is true and back again). Never have I moved through such a finely realized virtual environment. But, here's the rub. There are very few quests within that sprawling city (though, I'm sure our individual "stories" will take us back in). Which means it was made for RP. And unless characters take advantage of that opportunity for RP, it's an utter waste of effort, resources, and art. We shall see. It's not like I'll be canceling my free GW2 account.

Meanwhile, as we speak, I'm reloading WoW to Zoe (the ASUS), as this is being written on Lúthien (the iMac).

And today is Assembly Day for Sirenia Digest #81. But I'm waiting on Vince's illustration for "Our Lady of Tharsis Tholus." Hope to have the issue out by Friday, and apologies for the delay.

Curiouser and Curiouser,
Aunt Beast