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September 10th, 2012

"Miss your teeth dug in my shoulder..."

I suppose I should write something here today. First:

The "pay the taxes" eBay auction (Round One). Please bid if you are able, interested, and have not. And six words, kittens. "The Worm in my Mind's Eye." This is super rare. The sort of rare I hate even to part with. But I am. And it's feeling lonely, a paper wallflower, what with the other three dancing with their bids. Be kind. Give a maladjusted chapbook a home.*

M. l'insomnie. came to call last night, and he kept me up well past five ayem. I finally fell asleep watching Howard Hawks' His Girl Friday (1940) on the iPad, after taking two extra Valium. Damn, I love that film, though not as much as Bringing Up Baby (1938) or Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) or, most especially, not as much as The Philadelphia Story (1940). And, before anyone asks the question with the obvious sort of answer, those four films sit together in my mind because they are Cary Grant at his finest. Selwyn climbed into bed and sat with me for ten or fifteen minutes, fascinated by the film. Then he lost interest and wandered away.

Yesterday, I wrote a fairly impressive 1,843 words on "Our Lady of the Tharsis Montes." The day before, I did a respectable 1,288 words. By the way, if you're one of those people (whom I adore) who likes my sf, and you don't already have a subscription to Sirenia Digest, now would be a good time. This has turned into quite a lengthy tale.

Oh, and speaking of my sf, this is cool: It seems that Nick Mamatas and I have taken a good hard thwack at steampunk. Well, it had it coming, did steampunk. A good hard thwack, right atop its scabby little nostalgic, zeppelins and bustles, let's all ignore the consequences of our actions noggin. No, really. Listen. I was already proud of "Goggles (c. 1910)" – which I almost titled "The Last Steampunk Story") – but now I'm even more so. Oh, but first the podcast talks about a bunch of other interesting stuff. Listen to that, too.

There's other things I want to write about, but I need to stop and try to find something like awake. Too many words to write, Too many weeks behind schedule. "Oh, you your own boss? That's must be so cool!" No, no really. Try it some time. Though, if, like me, you're a masochist, it probably works out just fine.

The Stone About Your Neck,
Aunt Beast

* Thank you.

Oh, Dogs! A Gaming Entry! (Part I)

So, we've been playing GW2 for a week (7 days). I was must encouraged, nay harassed, by several people online who seemed to be of this opinion that a) this is the BEST GAME EVER, b) I'd find oodles of RP there, and c) it would cure every ill that plagues my aging morphology. I've leveled a character to 19, in very little time (about 3.5 hours a night; we play Thursday night, as I was RPing on Cox), and we didn't play the Sunday we got it, because it took so long to load (6.6 gig patch). But, I have had plenty of time to form thoughts. I will call them preliminary thoughts. I'll segregate them into pros and cons. Most of the pros have attendant caveats:


1) The graphics are good. Not stellar. Not as good as Rift (especially not the character animation), but it's good. I'd say it's on a par with SWtoR, in this respect. But it does look very good.

2) So long as I've stayed in the Norn starting area, which is all I've done excepting one four or five minute period, I get the sort of "high seriousness" I'm looking for in a game. I don't know, of course, what the remainder of the game is like. I wouldn't expect it to be much different, but, then again, when I strayed east out of the Shiverwood Peaks, I encountered some bullshit silliness called "Meatoberfest." I encountered it immediately, and headed back to Shiverwood. I haven't left since.

3) I've been impressed that almost all the players I see in Hoelbrak (the main Norn village) have actually gone to the trouble to use genuinely Nordic names. I thought I was going overboard with Saga Millasdóttir, but, no. Oodles of well-researched names, which add a great deal of verisimilitude. I've only spotted a handful of silly "no-name" names, the worst of which has been Bipolar Barbie.

4) The Norn clearly have a well thought-out culture, even if it can get a tad buffoonish at times.

5) I'm enjoying the way that players can team up for a battle, without formally teaming up. Everyone just comes together and fight a common foe, and, on a related note...

6)...I very much like that there are not the usual two factions, pitted against one another.

7) I've already talked about biodiversity and believable ecosystems, which has only gotten better.

8) The world seems big. Not world sized, mind you. But big. After Rhode Island...I mean Telara...this is especially appreciated.

9) You can start a guild without having the solicit signatures from stranger or having a lot of friends ingame. It only takes one player to start a guild.

10: No subscription fees.

That's enough pros for now. I'm going to save the cons for a "Part II," as the are far more of them.

Pining For An Actual, Factual, RL Life,
Aunt Beast

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