August 31st, 2012


"If, again, the seas are silent..."

Again, sunny in Providence. We're supposed to have temperatures in the low nineties Fahrenheit today, but with a wind approaching twenty mph. And this will be the night of the blue moon. Which (in this instance) only means there will have been two full moons in a single month, but it's still sort of cool. Keep watching the skies, kittens.

The end of this semi-vacation is fast approaching. Spooky and I, though we have no plans, will likely go to the sea today. I actually spent most of yesterday working (hence, semi). I did an interview for a book that Jeff VanderMeer's doing. Dogs, I hate doing interviews. I didn't used to, way back when. But these days, yeah, I hate giving interviews. Don't ask me questions about how I write or why I write or what it means or how someone else could learn to write (hahahahahah), just read the books. Writing is neither fascinating nor romantic. The end product may be, but the process is as exciting as watching cheese ferment. And unless you're a bacteriologist, that's pretty fucking dull. Oh, by the way, I love Jeff V. This has nothing to do with Jeff, who is a squidilicious bow-tie dude. This is strictly between me and interviews.

Anyway, the interview, email, and I found the resolve to open the CEM envelope, the Blood Oranges CEM. Oh! Amusing story, even if it's not funny. The copy of the CEM arrived yesterday, and about thirty minutes later a workman from down the street, part of a crew restoring an old house, shows up with the original, which had been found on the steps three doors down! Now I have two copies. Anyway, the marks are unexpectedly light, so I don't anticipate heavy steting (there's an authorial double entendre!). No doubt, I'll have more to say about the CEM on Monday...


The first rule of the RNC is that we do not talk about the RNC.


And there's this from yesterday. Pay attention:

Here's a thing. Empowerment of readers. Want another Alabaster miniseries? Really and truly, cross your heart and hope to die? Well, the power is in your hands, kittens. Call your local comics shop – or whatever – and PREORDER at least one copy of the hardback collection of Alabaster: Wolves. Though, fuck, you can order three copies. It's not as if you actually have to buy the things. Just place the order. All that will matter to the all-powerful bean counters at Dark Horse are the preorder numbers on the collection. All those unbelievably glowing, this-is-the-fucking-best-new-comic-of-the-year reviews from places like MTV Geek and Comic Book Resources and whatnot? I have been told by TPTB that those are irrelevant. This is publishing. Whether or not a thing is good doesn't matter. Whether or not it sells, that matters. So, like I said, want more (beyond the Dark Horse Presents stuff I've agreed to do), YOU HAVE TO PREORDER. Waiting and picking up a copy when it comes out in January, that's not going to help. No, truly, it won't. PREORDER, if you want more. That's all that matters.

Don't know of a local comic shop or bookstore that carries Dark Horse Comics? No problem. Just email me at greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll find one and send you the phone number. Though, there is this thing called Google, and it's very useful for finding stuff.


Meanwhile, this is wonderful. "Shock and Awe: The Science Fiction of Caitlín R. Kiernan" by Gemma Files (handful_ofdust). I'm genuinely humbled, and yet pleased that someone will discuss me as an SF author, which I so want. And by the way, my promise stands, that I will write not another single dark fantasy short story or novella or even vignette, only SF, until I am widely recognized as a legit author of SF, and this includes recognition by the Big Boys of the genre.

Alabasturd Prime,
Aunt Beast