August 27th, 2012


" warn us it's only a matter of time before we all burn."

I've actually been sitting here over an hour, allowing myself to be distracted from writing an LJ entry. Is this what semi-vacation means? Or is it because I got an email this morning in which Sadie Damascus (aka Sarah Hyman Dewitt, née Sarah Jackson) dubbed me a "sultry mysterious hayseed with a powerful laugh." I can live with that. Maybe it was the stories she told me about living in the California redwoods and of a little boy named Berkeley. Or it might be the weather here in Providence, the light and smells and sounds Outside the window distracting me. How I ought be at the sea. This, that, or the other. Whatever. Hardly matters.

M. l'insomnie has made a reappearance. I've been sleeping quite well of late, but the last two nights, nope. The cause seems to have a dual cause (Uhm, what?). 1) One of the usual problems I have, wherein I'll fall asleep for anywhere from several seconds to twenty minutes, then wake and be unable to get back to sleep, and 2) the goddamn cats. No shit. All night, it's a fucking feline stampede, and Hubero caterwauling for Selwyn, who, I think, hides just to piss him off. Last night, I came damn near chucking them both out into the stairwell.

The reason Spooky and I haven't gone much of anywhere far afield during this semi-vacation is that her foot's still messed up from the last time we were at Beavertail (three weeks ago!!!) and she smacked her toes on a rock. So, driving is painful. And I don't drive (blind eye + potential for seizures = no driving license). So, we've been seeking adventure nearer to home.

Oh. Big eBay auctions coming up. BIG. To help pay the goddamn taxes. I don't so much mind income tax. I just wish I could earmark the funds: This goes for science and public welfare, not the wars in the Middle East, etc.

Anyway, back to yesterday's aforementioned (and mostly successful) "mission." Here are photos, along with annotations to make sense of the day (plus insomnia-inducing kitten!):

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Aunt Beast