August 7th, 2012


"I hold the line, the line of strength that pulls me through the fear."

Comments would be good today.

Noon, plus twenty-one minutes. It's cooler today (though, I'm still happy with the heat, even when it drives us from the house – this is the summer I wish would never end). 84˚F is the forecast high, but the humidity not too bad. Sunny. Already, I wish I were at the shore. I actually dreamt, this morning, of swimming at Beavertail, swimming out past the breakers into the bay, looking back at Kathryn and (someone else, no idea who) standing on the rocks.

But I won't be going to the sea. I'll be beginning Chapter Two of Fay Grimmer. We read Chapter One yesterday. It was much better than I recall. I finished the thing back on June 26th! I simply have to keep an eye on what these books are, and stop getting annoyed at myself for what they aren't. Does anyone still use the phrase "popcorn movies"? Someone at wiki.answers says "A popcorn movie is lightweight as opposed to serious." Yeah, mostly. Even if issues of subjectivity and definition arise. Anyway, what's important is that I laughed a lot yesterday while Spooky was reading me the chapter, and I know the first lines of Chapter Two (even if I don't know the scene that opens it). But that's what I'll be doing today. And what I need to do every day until the book is finished (hopefully, by the end of the second week of September). Meanwhile, the first volume of the Blue Canary books is coming together in my head. All of this sounds ominously optimistic. And optimism scares me. Rarely does anything good come of it. Well, except Curiosity, and that's an awful lot of good, I know.

And if you're reading this, thank you, Kate Baskakova in Gukovo, Rostovskaya Oblast. Watch for mail from me.

Please have a look at Spooky's Dreaming Squid Dollworks and Sundries Etsy shop. Buy something cool and cheer up her aching foot. It works that way. Make a sad foot happy.

Alternately, snag a copy of Confessions of a Five-Chambered Heart. There are still a few. And you truly ought spring for the limited. Yesterday, I told Bill Schafer that The Yellow Book (which comes FREE with the limited) is possibly the best job Subterranean Press has ever done with one of my books, and that's saying a lot.

Spooky just renewed the website for another year (two years, seventy dollars).

Well, I can think of nothing else especially pressing, nothing that cannot wait until tomorrow. Though, it did just occur to me that @RequiresHate* would, ironically, deem Peter Gabriel's songs "San Jacinto" and "Biko" racist...but, you know, I'm reserving a whole entry for said troll, so, yes, that can wait, too. In truth, that could wait a million years and a day.

Digging In Her Heels,
Aunt Beast

*See July 20th, and the "exotic" kerfuffle. You know. Little Miss "goddamn 99% of white people should break their keyboards and their hands period unless they promise only to write about whites." Her. Those were discreet examples of the sort of #readerfail trolling that got her banned from LiveJournal. Oh, but trolls do thrive on attention, and here I am feeding it. Naughty Beast I am!