May 23rd, 2012


"Oh man, what I used to be, Montezuma to Tripoli."

The sun just came out, and the weather is finally warming in Providence.

Wait...the sun went behind the clouds again. Oh, well...


99% of the people who have supported the two Kickstarter projects I've been involved with have been utterly fucking marvelous (and thank you all again, by the way). But there's this remaining 1% who seem to believe they're buying stuff off eBay. Anyway, the very last three rewards for the latest project will go into the mail ($150 tier), rewards for the project that allowed kylecassidy to create his series of still photos based on The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, and that also allowed us to shoot the book trailer. My thanks to Spooky, who's had to manage the maddening task of putting most of this stuff together.

She'll also be schlepping the great heavy box of signature sheets for S. T. Joshi's Black Wings II anthology to the p.o., which reprints "John Four." And they will wend their way back to Yorkshire, England and PS Publishing.


Yesterday, I sat here for hours trying to find the story that accompanies the title "Forbidden Love, We Croak and Howl," which will appear in Sirenia Digest #78. I think it's sort of "Romeo and Juliet" with ghouls and deep ones. My editor at Dark Horse sent me inked pages for Alabaster: Wolves #4, and they're gorgeous. I have to get her notes on those today. My editor at Penguin sent three cover designs for Blood Oranges, two of which were actually very good. But I'm not sure any caught onto the gritty, bawdy humor of the novel. So, I'll be talking to her today, as well. And...oh, yeah. Trying to work out the whacky – yet erotic – ghoul/deep one LOVE STORY. I hope the sound I just heard wasn't HPL rolling in his grave over at Swan Point. Oh, nope. It was Hubero in the litter box. Never mind.


I've been getting some very enjoyable RP in City of Heroes and Villains. The Rift RP never materialized. I simply could not get more than a couple of people into the game. Mostly, people talked about wanting to RP at some future date. Anyway, I returned both our Rift guilds back to their inactive statuses, and followed stsisyphus back to the land of super heroes and super villains (and giant spiders). Spooky and I are both still playing quite a lot of Rift, and she's found a good guild on the Shatterbone PVE shard. But we're playing just to play, not for RP.


Today is World Turtle Day, and I refer you back to this entry I wrote in 2010.


And here are four more photos from Sunday's trip to West Cove:

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I never get tired of lichens.

Aunt Beast (La Cabrita)