May 9th, 2012


"After all is said and done, I feel the same."

Upon hearing the news from North Carolina, the passing of their second constitutional amendment (the first, in 1875, was to ban interracial marriage, by the way), I wasn't surprised. The outcome was a given. Too much money greasing the palm of the Hand of God, as it were, for the sexual infidels to ever carry the day. These bigots, this is the "tyranny of evil men" mentioned in Ezekiel 25:17. So, fuck the lot of them. Fuck them to the nearest hell. There may, possibly, come a day when the ignorance and hatred that saw to the success of "Amendment 1." North Carolina, and this nation as a whole, may one day mature to a point where it understands that forbidding two women or two men to marry is as reprehensible as forbidding marriage on the basis of race. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

To repeat what I said on Facebook, fuck the men and women who fear and hate. I'll remain Aunt Beast. I don't need their god – or any god – to approve of...anything.

There were other things I was going to write, but I think I'm too angry. Just because I wasn't surprised doesn't mean I was prepared for my emotions upon hearing the outcome.

Aunt Beast

R.I.P. Maurice Sendak, and thank you, Mr. President

Last night, I meant to make what would have been a somewhat simple entry. We woke yesterday morning to the news that Maurice Sendak had died, which hit both Spooky and me pretty hard. His beautiful, brilliant work was so important to both our childhoods. And, I don't know, I think some part of me fantasized I'd one day be able to tell him that in person. As with Edward Gorey and Doctor Seuss and so many others, this was not to be, and so it goes.

And, in the news of Sendak's death, we learned that he was gay, and that he'd been with his partner for fifty years. Sendak is quoted as having said, "All I wanted was to be straight so my parents could be happy. They never, never, never knew.” There were two videos I wanted to post last night, so I'll post them now, in memoriam:

Karen O and the Kids

The Dresden Dolls

And, there's this marvelous comic strip by Art Spiegelman, recounting a conversation he had with Sendak on the subject of children and books (behind the cut):

Collapse )

And then, this morning, the news that North Carolina had passed Amendment 1.

And then...President Obama, finally, finally, gave voice to his conscience, and came out in favor – indisputably – of gay marriage. Sir, this is one reason I voted for you. And no, it's not political suicide*, and it's not too little too late. It's a bold move, and it's a step towards what we've been fighting for – and you get what you've been fighting for in bits and pieces, as it comes. Don't you dare fucking whine.

So, you's been a complicated couple of days.

Aunt Beast

Postscript: Well, unless you concede that so is being a black man running for the US presidency.