April 13th, 2012


Howard Hughes vs. the Clever Monkeys

Oh my fucking dogs, why can't people leave fucking well enough alone? What am I on about this time? The fact that I just discovered that LivefuckingJournal has decided it would be a good idea to stick a tiny little pair of scissors and a dotted line in front of the text whenever a blogger uses a cut. Get it? Cut along the dotted line. How cute. How clever. And you know what? Most of the time, clever is what happens instead of actual intelligence. Anyway, my response is simple. I shall no longer use cuts. From here on, if I have photos, spoilers, long-winded rants, etc., I'll simply let them be displayed. If it annoys you, blame LJ's brigade of clever monkeys.


See, I have this thing. If someone tells me, "You'll absolutely LOVE this," (and "this" can be anything at all), my hackles go up. No, I don't know why. It's irrational. But it happens. Anyway, if I see a lot of people opining on how wonderful something is, I begin to develop a rabid aversion to it. Again, irrational. Well, actually just stupid – though, I suppose I ought note that, in my defense, people are usually wrong in their predictions of what I will and won't like. Point is, I should not ever refuse to give a book, author, TV series, movie, restaurant, or what-the-hell-ever a chance just because it has been recommended and/or is very popular. I've met a lot of people who hold an unwavering belief that popularity precludes any possibility of worth. They're idiots. Or at least, in this instance, they're behaving idiotically. Like me, when I refuse to give something a try because someone suggested it, or because...okay...I'm beating a horse carcass.

Point is, on Wednesday night Spooky and I finally began watching HBO's Game of Thrones. It had begun to feel like we were the only people on the planet not watching. I haven't read the books on which the series is based, though I have read quite a bit of George R. R. Martin over the years. I wish my initials were GRRM, so they could be read as GRRiM. CRK just sort of looks like CRicK. As in, I have a CRicK in my neck. But I digress. So, yes, we start watching, and the series is actually wonderful, and we're instantly addicted. Now, we're waiting on Netflix to send up the next three discs.


Yesterday truly was strange. I thought it would be less strange than Wednesday, but there was such a barrage of positive reviews of Alabaster: Wolves #1 via Twitter that my head spun all the day long. We've seen virtually no negative (or even lukewarm) reviews. The response has been overwhelming. I know that yesterday I said I was astounded, but by last night I was overwhelmed. It seems as if Steve, Rachelle, Greg, Rachel, and I done good.

Sirenia Digest #76 went out late, late last night, but all subscribers should have it by now. I'm calling it the collaboration issue, as it not only includes the new story, "Cages I," that I wrote with corucia, but also reprints mine and sovay's collaboration, "In the Praying Windows," which originally appeared in the tenth issue of the digest. I hope you enjoy both.

Yesterday was mostly spent on an interview for SuicideGirls and managing to finally wrangle the cover for the digest into shape. Last night, Rift, and Spooky read me Chapter XI of The Two Towers, and then I read a little of Ligotti's Grimscribe: His Life and His Works. Today, Spooky has to go to the dentist, and I'm going to try to stop thinking about Dancy and begin a new short story, "A Mountain Walked" (my thanks to S. T. Joshi for the title).

And TOMORROW, kittens, I will be at Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, Mass. (as announced in issue one of the comic, back in the letters column) at noon. I might have my eyes open by then. Maybe. This is the very first Alabaster signing, so I hope you can make it. I hope I can make it. Do people actually buy comics that early in the day?

Gotta run. Well, not literally, and more's the pity. Comments welcome. I'll be in this goddamn chair all day.

Aunt Beast

RP Update

Quickly: If you've expressed interest in the Rift RP (and that includes those now in the guild), I need your email address ASAP. There is, essentially, no way to contact everyone within the game, and past experience has proven that web forums don't work. So, I'll be communicating with everyone via email. Right now, things are a bit confused, and I need to get players the barebones backstory and such like, and talk about when we're each available for RP.

So, email me at greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com, please. Thanks!