June 6th, 2011


"In the space between the heavens and the corner of some foreign field..."

Here in Providence, it's 75F and sunny.

Yesterday was a monument to tedium, as assembly days inevitably are. However, today promises to put it entirely to shame, by doubling the tedium and adding a thick stratum of frustration. Yesterday, I wrote the prolegomenon for #66, and edited "Untitled 35" and "Figurehead," and saw to the issue's layout, and all the things that have to be done on assembly day. And then I went back to work on the galley pages for Two Worlds and In Between. I need desperately to try and finish with that today, which won't be easy, considering I have a doctor's appointment at 6 p.m., and I also need to proof "Fish Bride," because I didn't yesterday, and I need to get some notes to Steve Jones for another short story, one that I forgot about and am now twelve days late on.


Sirenia Digest #66 went out late yesterday afternoon to subscribers. Ergo, if you're a subscriber (a word which sounds an awful lot like survivor, and maybe there's a reason for that, but it's a thought for another time) you ought to have it by now.


In case you didn't see this yesterday (and care):

This month's selection for Aunt Beast's Book of the Month Club is Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants:

You may have seen the movie, which I liked a lot and is a fairly faithful adaptation. But it's no substitute for the novel, which you ought to read. Also, Spooky says the Audible.com adaptation is pretty good. It's unabridged, so you might go that route. Either way, book or audiobook. But, with the actual book-type-book, you get cool vintage circus photos.


Oddly, I got an odd email yesterday reminding me of an odd little anthology that will be reprinting one of my odder stories. Jeff and Anne VanderMeer's Odd?, is what I'm speaking off, of course. Sorry, I phrased that oddy. Anyway, the anthology now has a theme song, which is, I suppose, a wee bit odd. For an anthology, I mean. For an anthology to have a theme song.


Last night, we watched Takashi Miike's absolutely fucking brilliant Sukiyaki Western Django (2007). Bottomless weird framed in the surreal and in genuinely beautiful cinematography, art direction, and costume design. Mix the Genpei War and the Wars of the Roses together and set it in a Nevada that has never existed. Toss in a nameless stranger and Sergio Leone homages played on a didgeridoo. We may have to watch it again before we return it to Acme Video, and live with the one dollar late fee.

Also, I gave Mass Effect 2 a try. Love the character customization feature. I created a Shepherd who looks an awful lot like Claudia Black.

My favorite new word: hypercorrection.

And now, alas, more tedium.

Still tedious (and odd),
Aunt Beast