August 27th, 2010

Blood elf

"The very thing that made me strong has taken all my will."

Monsieur Insomnia is back with a vengeance, and has been for at least the last week or so. Many factors are likely at play here. My having stopped taking Prazosin. Never leaving the house. Not getting sufficient Vitamin D. Taking the Lamictal at midnight, instead of earlier in the day. Stress. And, well, the fact that I've suffered from insomnia on and off my whole life. Anyway, I feel like ass this ayem (no,'s already peeyem). Laid down about 3 ayem last night. Got up again at 3:30 ayem. Took an Ambien. Went back to bed about 4:40 ayem. Got to sleep around five. Up at about 11:15 ayem. Not much more than six hours. Mostly, I worry about all this not sleeping setting off seizures.


Yesterday, I shelved "Deep Ocean Vast Sea" and wrote 1,027 words on a very, very strange and peculiarly whimsical piece that presently has no title. I'll go back to "Deep Ocean Vast Sea" next month, when I have a little more time, as it means to be a longer story. Maybe it will appear in Sirenia Digest #58. I'm hoping that #57 will go out to subscribers on the last day of August.

And there's so much else that has to get done over the next couple of weeks, my head spins.

A brief (but good) bit of rp in Insilico after the writing yesterday (thanks, Ann). Later, Spooky and I caught the first two episodes of Season Three of Californication. Gods, I love that show. It's such a grand "fuck you" to...well, lots of stuff that pisses me off on a daily basis. It's gritty, nasty, raunchy, sexy, hilarious, rude, and unrepentantly perverse (but with a heart of gold).

Also, Spooky and I managed our final five quests in Icecrown last night. My thanks to brimstone, Redearth, and their guild, Ishu Por Ah, for offering to assist. But, as it happens, we pulled it off on our own. Now, I suppose we'll go back and do all the Outland dungeons we couldn't do at level 70, while we wait for the "Cataclysm" expansion. Spooky says, "Booya!" (But she said it very demurely.)