August 24th, 2010

The Red Tree

Things you don't see coming.

Terrible, terrible insomnia last night. The sun was up before I finally lay down, covered up my head, and fell asleep.

Spooky woke me at about 11:30 a.m. to tell me that The Red Tree has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award. Which left me speechless, and happy, and confused, and lots of other things. My thanks to everyone who emailed me the news this morning, and to all the people who have bought and read and loved the book. This genuinely does mean a lot to me. Does this mean I'm doing something right?

Yesterday, I wrote 853 words, for Y and Z, and finished "The Yellow Alphabet" for Sirenia Digest #57. The whole work, divided between #56 and #57 comes to 10,348 words.

I read a National Geographic article about eels.

Anyway, stuff to do. A long day ahead. Again, my thanks to everyone who's shown their support for The Red Tree.