February 28th, 2010

Starbuck 3

"Living out our second-hand clichés."

1. Sirenia Digest #51 went out last night, so if you're a subscriber, you ought to have it by now. I've already gotten some nice comments on "The Eighth Veil."

2. All of yesterday was spent pulling #51 together, all the tedious stuff I always save for the last minute. So, not much to report, workwise. I could, of course, describe it in minute detail, but it would only amount to a pornography of banality.

3. Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Caprica? Well, I am. It's just exactly the sort of "prequel" I think BSG needed, the "How did it come to this?" thing, and not just another round of space opera. I think anyone who's spent far too much of his or her life in an MMORPG or, more especially, Second Life, will be especially appreciative of what the show's doing.

4. The insomnia continues. I was up until sometime after five, then pretty much awake by nine or nine thirty ayem. I lay in bed last night (which was really this morning), waiting for the Ambien to take effect, writing in my pencil-and-paper journal. There were dreams I know better than to try and recall. It's bad enough recalling how they felt, without remembering the specifics.

5. Here are the last few pictures I'm going to post from Monday's trip to Conanicut Island. These were all taken from Fort Wetherill and West Cove:

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