December 20th, 2009


"You always fall for what you desire or what you fear."

The snow found us sometime after 11 p.m. last night, and it's still snowing, though only lightly. It was a wild night in Providence last night, something I'd never seen before. So much wind with the snow. So, that's what happens when we get a blizzard warning. But it's beautiful. All the ugly, sharp edges of winter smoothed away for the time being. And what's sort of neat, the first big Providence snows of both '09 and '08 arrived on the same date. We'll have snow for Solstice. It's currently 21F, but with the windchill it feels like 8F. Spooky's reading me official snowfall reports of 18" in North Kingstown and 22" in West Greenwich. So we may actually have a foot or so here in Providence.


There were so many distractions yesterday, I got precious little written. I did 563 words on "The Jetsam of Disremembered Mechanics." Today, I have to finish the story. The month has grown perilously short. I still have an issue of Sirenia Digest to produce, and I've not even begun work on it.

This morning The Red Tree had an Amazon sales ranking of 2,962, which is the highest I've ever seen for any of my books, since Silk debuted in May 1998.


I'm still in awe of James Cameron's Avatar, and wishing I had time just now for a second viewing. I know there was so much I didn't see. The eye can only take in so much in any given moment, and the brain can only consciously process just so much of what is seen. There's a good deal more I want to write about this wonderful film, but I don't have the time this morning, not to get into any depth. Maybe tomorrow. I am very pleased to have seen it score the third best December opening-day box office ever, and to have watched it's imdb rating go from 8.7 on Friday to 8.9 yesterday. So, yeah, more on Avatar tomorrow...or the next day. But you should see it, if you can. Definitely one of the finest movies of 2009.


Not much else to say about yesterday. We watched the Season Two premiere of Fringe last night. We tried, months and months ago, to watch this show, and it was too awful to enjoy on any level. But it's improved a great deal. If it survives another season, it might actually be good. I'm especially taken with the character of Walter (played by John Noble).

We played some WoW, finishing up at the Howling Fjord, then spending some time in Dragonblight before taking a Tuskarr ship west to the Borean Tundra and Warsong Hold. I have these observations:

1) If I ever do get around to writing a Big Epic Fantasy Novel, I sure as hell best do better than to name a walrus-like humanoid race the Tuskarr and a wolverine-like humanoid race the Wolvar. That's just fucking lazy. That said, both these races are beautifully designed, and I'm especially fond of the Tuskarr, I just wish someone had taken more care naming them.

2) I was much, much more impressed with the design and gameplay in Howling Fjord and Dragonblight than I am with what we've seen of the Borean Tundra (and we've seen quite a lot, having come by way of Moa'ki Harbor, rather than a zeppelin from Orgrimmar). To me, the Borean Tundra (another example of lazy-ass naming) feels a lot more like older regions of the game. I'd head back to Dragonblight, but I don't want to pass up however many quests are set there. I think, in the story I cannot help but build as I play, Shaharrazad desires to eventually settle at Vengeance Landing. She's growing weary of war, and now feels more at home among the Forsaken than she does the Sin'dorei. She felt an odd lack of enthusiasm upon entering Warsong yesterday; she's always had great admiration for the orcs, but it just wasn't there.


Okay, I have one photo from the storm last night. Time to make the doughnuts.

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