December 6th, 2009


"You pray for rain. I pray for blindness."

There was a heavy dusting of snow last night. Nothing to speak of, not for Providence, but our first snow of the year. It's mostly melted away now. Cold out there, though.

Yesterday was spent checking copy-edits (I can get no consensus on whether it ought to be copy-edits or copyedits, and hence no consensus on whether I ought use copy-editor or copyeditor; personally, I tend to favor the hyphenated forms), which actually weren't nearly so bad as I'd thought they were. And I did another check over the ms. for the "Sanderlings" chapbook (and cover), and then Spooky looked over it, and then I sent it away to Subterranean Press. I rarely feel satisfaction at having finished a book or a story, and I rarely feel much of anything when I see my work in print, but there's always a distinct sense of relief when I can say "This is out of my hands now." And I can now say that "Sanderlings" is out of my hands.

No writing yesterday. Today, I feel like glass.

I may have a new title for the Next Novel, a title to replace Blood Oranges (which I warned you not to grow attached to), but I want to mull it over a bit more before I post it here.

Have a look at the current round of eBay auctions, and thanks for doing so. Also, only three of Spooky's Cthulhu-headstone Cephalopodmas ornaments remain unsold. So, if you want one, you'd probably better hurry. Each one is unique, handmade and hand-painted, and there are no more where these ten came from.

Last night, we watched Sally Potter's Rage (2009), which was really very good. Plus, you get Jude Law as a transgendered supermodel, which probably pleased me more than it should have.

And now, the last few pictures from our trip Outside back on Thursday:

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