December 5th, 2009

The Red Tree

"It knows not pride or vanity. It cares not about your dreams."

I slept almost nine hours last night. Given how bad the insomnia has been of late (and mostly I'm just suffering through it without Ambien), that seems miraculous. Here in Providence, the day is overcast and wet, and also chilly (currently 43F, but the windchill has it feeling like 38F out there). We've had a mild autumn, compared to last year.

Yesterday, I struggled with the anger all day. When it gets that bad, it threatens to shut me down and make work impossible. But, still, I pretty much finished with the "Sanderlings" chapbook, which I now have to send to Bill Schafer. I think it will make a fine companion piece to The Ammonite Violin & Others (though it only comes with the numbered state of the book, not the trade hardback). I also spoke with the editor about the excessively copyedited ms., but didn't actually get any work done on it. I answered a number of emails (I'm getting tired of explaining to editors that I do not write "paranormal romance"). Anyway, that was work yesterday. I need to dispense with all this necessary not-writing, and go back to writing.

Last night, we watched Cloverfield for the third or fourth time. It still impresses me.

Consider what a fine Yule/Solstice gift The Red Tree would make (the platypus told me to say that). Also, please have a look at the current eBay auctions. There are copies of Alabaster, The Dry Salvages, The Little Damned Book of Days, and Mercury, all currently out of print.

I have this note, sent to me via Facebook (so I suppose I can't call it "email"):

One of your stories has fallen through a black hole in my collection. I thought it was "Onion," but I was wrong. This story concerns a young couple, the young lady is suffering some serious mental anguish and attending an odd support group. And story ends with an outrageous scene in the bathroom of her flat. Very cool, very memorable, and very missing. I hate gaps. And forgetting. Please help?

The only story I can recall having written that comes near fitting that exact description is, in fact, "Onion." So...I'm at a loss.

Okay, now the platypus says I must go forth and get some work done. I am a monotreme's slave. Oh, but I have more photographs from Thursday's trip to the shore (behind the cut), and even a short piece of video I took of the waves at Harbor of Refuge (taken on the eastern side of the jetty, view to the south):

Waves from Kathryn Pollnac on Vimeo.

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