November 25th, 2009

Ellen Ripley 1

Another Day, Another Adjective

Yesterday was an appalling day. I do not feel like going into the details, but I've had it with the doctor I've been seeing, so now I have to find a new one, which isn't an easy thing. It wasn't easy to find the one I've been seeing. But I will no longer be treated as I have been treated since I came to Providence. I'm pretty sure there are animals in slaughterhouses that are handled more humanely. I am very much missing my doctor in Birmingham. She was my doctor for twenty years, even when I lived in Athens and Atlanta, I still went back to Birmingham for her. She wasn't renowned for her tact and bedside manner, but she also wasn't a complete fucking idiot.

No, nothing was accomplished yesterday, nothing at all.

Oh, well...I suppose something was, sort of. When we made it back from the hell that was the doctor's appointment, Spooky had to take the car into the shop, as it had suddenly begun hemorrhaging coolant. Turns out the water pump was blown, and they installed a new one, setting us back $250 (after the expense of the idiot doctor). So, at least the car is hale and hardy again.

Today, I hope to begin a new vignette for Sirenia Digest #48.

I have an email this morning, from a reader who writes, "I was shocked to discover Alabaster isn't available on the Kindle. Please, raise my hopes and tell me it's coming soon?" Sorry, but no. There are currently no plans for a Kindle edition of Alabaster. And remember, this sort of decision isn't up to me.

Last night, we watched Chan-wook Park's Bakjwi (2009; aka Thirst), which was a nice tonic against Stephanie Meyer and her simpering spawn. A beautifully filmed vampire movie that manages to be sexy, bloody, and funny, and I don't even care that great swaths of it made no sense whatsoever. Definitely the best vampire film I've seen since Tomas Alfredson's Låt den rätte komma in (2008). Earlier this year, when Bakjwi was playing in Boston, sovay asked us if we wanted to see it with her. For one reason or another, we passed. I wish we hadn't, as it would have looked great on a big screen.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions, and also note that Spooky has five more of her Cephalopodmas ornaments remaining. Right now, a little "extra" cash wouldn't hurt. Thanks.

And Thanksgiving can go fuck itself, please and thank you.