September 27th, 2009

Ellen Ripley 1

"HIgh above the mountain, an eagle calling down..."

A rainy grey day here in Providence. And I'm on Day 3 of the Everlasting Migraine. Or Day 4. It's all beginning to blur together, like overlapping pools of melted wax.

Yesterday, we drove down to Peace Dale Public Library, where I had a 3 p.m. meeting with a reporter from the South County Independent. My dislike of live interviews is well enough known, but it actually went well. We sat and talked until about 4:30 p.m., mostly about The Red Tree and "The Dead and the Moonstruck." And I do believe that will be my last interview for a while. Well, unless fucking Oprah calls or something of that magnitude. Ah, now there's a question. If I were invited to appear on Oprah (and, of course, there's a greater chance I'll be named pope), would you lose all respect for me if I accepted the invitation?

Grey today, yes, but yesterday, the sky was carnivorous, with only a few straggling wisps of cloud. The clouds only managed to make the sky more threatening. It was a clear, crisp early autumn day, the trees just beginning to take on colors other than green. Not the sort of day I like being out and under the sky, but there you go.

And here it is, already the 27th. I have to finish up with Sirenia Digest #46. Waiting on artwork from Vince for "Shipwrecks Above" before I begin layout. And I have to begin my YA Mars story, which is due on November 1st. I think it might be called "XX."

Thanks for all the comments to the last entry. I did read them all, even if I was not up to replying to them all. This one made me smile (from fusijui):

I'm appalled at your cynical attempt to milk the Brachiosaurus scandal for attention. That radical scientists are attacking the ENTIRE BASIS for traditional Linnaean family values is a crisis of Western civilization, NOT an opportunity to boost your readership. If your readers were not degenerates and clapping zombies, they would have already swamped this so-called blog in healthy renunciations of the trendy Giraffatitan agenda.

And this one, as well, for entirely different reasons (from tetar):

We are delicate with you about commenting too much, for fear of disturbing you, for fear of your thorns, and for fear, at times, of your art. It is a fear born of respect. Our dread is to guard your poise, and to avoid intruding. Know that we are here, eyes greedy for your words. Know we're with you in this dark. I don't know what else to say and feel I have probably said too much. Namaste.

Thank you.


We binged on Calfifornication last night and the night before, and have now seen all of Season One. Which we loved. Hank Moody is my newest hero.

I've been reading the latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, and, since my last entry, have finished "Bone histology and microanatomy of Alamosaurus sanjuanensis (Sauropoda: Titanosauria) from the Maastrichtian of Big Bend National Park, Texas" and "Hadrosaurid dinosaurs from the latest Creatceous of the Iberian Peninsula."


And now, please have a look at Spooky's Dreaming Squid Dollworks Etsy shop. She's been getting lots of new things up in time for Hallowe'en and Samhain.

There are more photos from Tuesday:

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