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September 24th, 2009

Entry #2,290

Just to be clear, a few days back, I did not say I'd be writing new Dancy Flammarion stories. What I said was: "Now, I did swear when I finished 'Highway 97' and the Alabaster collection that I'd be writing no more Dancy stories. But sometimes I change my mind. And sometimes I don't. Which is to say, we shall see, just no time soon." Right now, I have no interest in ever writing Dancy again, unless, maybe, she appears in a sequel to Daughter of Hounds as a much older character, and that's a book I wouldn't be able to write for many years to come.


Yesterday, I wrote 1,072 words on "Charcloth, Firesteel, and Flint," for Sirenia Digest #46, to accompany "Shipwrecks Above." Which makes yesterday a fairly decent writing day. I expect to finish the story today.

And if you should find yourself with a few extra bucks in your paws, I will be so bold as to suggest that you invest them in copies of The Red Tree and/or A is for Alien. Thank you.

We seem to have been stricken with a short bout of Indian Summer, here in Providence.

And the feeling that LiveJournal is an increasingly derelict ship continues. On the one hand, I have more readers here than at anytime in the past, at least in theory, but fewer and fewer people bother to comment. Yes, I miss the "good old days," way back in 2004....