September 10th, 2009


"Someone hit the light..."

Yesterday, I did 1,080 words on "Shipwrecks Above," which seems to be coming along well. I'll likely finish it today. The title, by the way, was borrowed from P.J. Harvey's "Liverpool Tide." Also, I've been meaning to post this for a while, and this new story has reminded me. From Heather Ehrenstrasser, a very cool piece inspired by "Fish Bride" (Sirenia Digest #42, May 2009), behind the cut:

Collapse )

By the way, the platypus says today would be an excellent day to pick up that second or third copy of The Red Tree, for a friend or family member, or to chuck at annoying rodents (your choice), and help us sell out the first printing. Please, and thank you.

Speaking of The Red Tree, I'll be signing Saturday at Friendly Neighborhood Comics, 191 Mechanic Street, Bellingham, Massachusetts, from 4 to 6 p.m. Hope to see you there. Also, I've been invited to do a reading/signing at Brown University here in Providence at the end of October, and I'll get you the details as soon I have them.


So many books and movies the last couple of weeks, and I'll eventually get around to saying more about them. Last night, having just finished watching the first season of Dead Like Me for the second time, we started Pushing Daisies (both shows from Bryan Fuller). A shame that Pushing Daisies didn't survive for longer than two seasons, because it's genuinely wonderful. Many elements from Dead Like Me are reworked, revisited, but in a completely different tone. Sort of Lemony Snicket meets the Cohen Brothers. I adore it. Less character depth than we got in Dead Like Me, but grand, all the same, and I could just look at those sets forever. We made it through the first five episodes last night.

And now...time to make the doughnuts.