August 21st, 2009


"Will mercy be revealed or blind us where we stand?"

Not a whole lot of material for an entry. A little cooler today, not much, but a little. However, we have astronomical humidity and dew point numbers, so it feels a lot hotter than it is. But at least there's cloud cover and a breeze. Hurricane Bill slouches towards New England (though he's not the source of these clouds).

I got a very exciting reading/signing invitation this morning, though I can't yet say where or when. I'll announce it as soon as I can, though.

Also, there have been some updates to the website. On the front page, there's a downloadable PDF (menu in the lower right-hand corner) of the alternate cover for The Red Tree designed by Christopher Lee Simmons (scarletboi). Also, you'll find a link to Sirenia Digest (though the FAQ still needs to be updated), and on the "evidence" page, there is now a Plate XXI, for your consideration. More to come.

Spooky's laptop is having issues again, either the video card or the device driver, and right now she's using my ten-year-old iBook for web access. She's taking her machine into the Geek Squad today. This is likely related to the hd failure earlier this month.

Yesterday, I managed to write only 369 words on a piece for Sirenia Digest. I'm calling it "Werewolf Smile," and it's growing out of reading I've been doing pertaining to the Black Dahlia murder. Hopefully, the writing will go much better today. Yesterday was just shy of getting nothing at all written.

Last night, we watched the first half of Torchwood: Children of Earth, and I was not disappointed.