August 4th, 2009

The Red Tree

"Feed the Tree"

On this day in 1892, the father and stepmother of Lizzie Borden were found murdered in Fall River, Massachusetts. It seems somehow fitting that the release of The Red Tree should share this day with that event.

A dream this morning of watching an asteroid impact. I was only a few miles from ground zero. I watched it streak to earth, and then there was only fire. It was not a frightening dream.

Sunny and bright outside, and the meteorologists are predicting the high 80sF for this afternoon. We'll be in Boston, filming the belated book "trailer" for the novel. I feel for our actress, who has to wear a wig in this heat.

Yesterday, I worked on proofreading The Ammonite Violin & Others for Subterranean Press. We made it through "Bridle," "For One Who Has Lost Herself," "Ode to Edvard Munch," "The Cryomancer's Daughter," and "Untitled 23." I might actually try to find a title for the latter before the collection is published. These stories are better than I remember them being, which is always a pleasant sort of surprise. Anyway, the first seven down, fourteen to go.

After work, we drove down to Spooky's parents' farm in Saunderstown. We went to pick blueberries and gather apple and hickory branches. But only the latter was accomplished, as the swarms of mosquitoes and the ticks were just too much to cope with. At least Spooky got her branches, and she's going to begin working on wands soon. We'll go back for blueberries earlier in the day, in the heat of the day, when the mosquitoes won't be so bad. I have photos, but no time this morning to edit and upload them. Maybe I'll get them up on Thursday. The apple trees were heavy with ripening fruit. Aside from the blood-sucking pests, the evening was beautiful.

If you've not already, please pick up a copy of The Red Tree, or order online. And to all those who have ordered already, or purchased copies in bookshops, I am extremely grateful. Assuming all goes well today, the "trailer" should be up on August 14th or thereabouts. Meanwhile, there's the evidence to peruse on the website. Also, for people in the Boston/Providence area, I should remind you of the Thursday night signing at Pandemonium Books in Cambridge. This will almost certainly be the only signing/reading I'll be doing to promote this book, so if you want a signed copy, or want to hear me read from it, that's your chance. The reading will begin at 7 p.m. Again, that's Pandemonium Books, 4 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. Phone: 617-547-3721. And, finally, at midnight tonight the tree-photo contest ends; I'll choose the winner tomorrow, and hesheit will receive a signed copy of The Red Tree.

Oh, and The Red Tree made the Fantasy Magazine "Fantasy in the Wild" ballot, and it's a truly impressive list. So I am honored.

The platypus says I should hurry. Miles to go before we sleep and all.