July 24th, 2009

The Red Tree

Dawn of the Cycads

I think I have a "classical-punk-jazz-car-wreck music" hangover, and I didn't even have any alcohol last night. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's a large enantiornithine lodged in my windpipe. I keep coughing up feathers.

Maybe they're only protofeathers.

But at least I'm not trapped at the human tar pit of the San Diego ComicCon. Thank holy fuck all and Panthelassa for small fucking mercies. Twitter has made the fact of the SDCC very "in your face" this year. My film agent called me from SDCC yesterday afternoon, and I couldn't hear a word he said. So, he's calling back next week.

Yesterday, work that will soon be revealed on the website. More promotional stuff for The Red Tree, and it's actually rather fun, putting these peculiar artifacts and metafictional gewgaws together. Plus, I got to spend half the day reading about werewolves, and the idiots who actually believe they are alive and well in Michigan and Wisconsin. I file that sort with flat-earthers, and the poor fucks who think the moon landings were hoaxed, and creationists, and so forth. But they do make for good copy. With luck, there will be a new page up at The Red Tree site this evening, helping to appease the fearsome hunger of the Tree. Only eleven days remaining until The Red Tree's street date.

Which brings me to the rather special eBay auction I mentioned yesterday. An ARC (advance-reading copy) of the novel, plus the first page of Charles Harvey's manuscript that Sarah Crowe discovers in the old Royal typewriter. Which will appear as a prop in the short film/book trailer. This is one of those ultimate CRK collectibles, I suspect. Certainly one of a kind. So, have a look.

And I should repeat that we now have snazzy T-shirts for the posse:

The Red Tree

The Red Tree t-shirt by Humglum. Check it out at Ziraxia t shirts!

Last night, we braved the torrential downpour that swept across much of New England to see Bird Songs of the Mesozoic with sovay and ericmvan. We met for dinner at the Trinity Brew Pub, then walked to AS220 for the show. Oh, we were accosted by some asshole moron of a drunkard on the way, and from now on I do not leave the House without a shotgun and a bloodthirsty Rottweiler. But the show was great. I do wish alcohol got along better with my meds, because I really wanted to drink. But, no. I was good. Oh, and I spotted someone in a Stiff Kitten T-shirt, which was jarring, but cool.

Someone out there needs to petition BPAL to do a series of scents inspired by my books. I can smell the red tree so clearly. Oak moss, patchouli, a faint hint of vanilla, a fainter hint of apple. Something like that, earthy with the suggestion of sweet. Anyway, says the platypus, wrap it up. Meanwhile, Feed the Tree